Trust - “Capitol”

Joyland [Arts & Crafts, 2014]

Unleashing my inner bro at the Google photoshoot.

Unleashing my inner bro at the Google photoshoot.


2013 Best of Architecture stories

One Day in Guatemala…

Happy Holidays. Coming to a mailbox near you.

Currently listening to Roosevelt’s Elliot EP on loop (and you should too). This will be fun live…Outside Lands anyone?

Kurt Vile - Feel My Pain

Did I mention that I like Kurt Vile? This B-side is finger-pickin’ good.

That’s right, I said it.

Trust’s TRST remains one of my favorite albums from 2012.

Unfortunately you can’t find this underrated album in its entirety on Spotify, but I highly recommend dusting off your iTunes account for a download.

Here’s a pretty balanced review of the album as well as a video of the Canadian duo in full-on hipsterdom. Enjoy!

Opener from NIN’s set at Outside Lands ‘13 and fresh cut from their forthcoming album Hesitation Marks. Utterly solid!

Throw that guitar and beat on loop - this sound is right up my alley. Looking forward to more music from Summer Heart.

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